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Precision Shooting Equipment - Firearms, Reloading, Accessories...

Tikka TAC A1

Welcome to Precision Rifles.

Tikka CTR

The crossover rifle.

Sako Finnlight II

It's your hunting rifle. Demand perfection.


Precision Shooting Equipment - Firearms, Reloading, Accesories...

We supply Shooting Systems.

Instead of just selling boxes, we sell Shooting Systems. Each system is carefully assembled from carefully chosen premium components, our pick from the top brands, to create a system specific to your needs.


Working backwards, we start with the intended use, this leads us to a projectile choice, which in turn defines the barrel and action, then select an appropriate stock an optics system, and wrap it with accessories to get the most out of the rig.

Testing & Refinement

One we know build parameters, we start putting it together. Assembled, the system is tested - and changes that need to be made are discussed and approved by the customer. Once we are getting the most out of the system, it's time for handover.

Trueing and Reporting

Handover includes a suite of reports and information to help get the client get the most out of their investment - this often will include hands-on range time - to both customise the setup to the individual and ensure everything is working as they expect and want.


Although 'ready to go' out of the box, the system then needs to be tweaked and adjusted to suit the client, not us. In addition, we include training to help the new owner get the best out of the purchase.


Afterwards, you become part of the Precision Shooter community - and will get priority access to support, further training and courses and competitions. We don't want to just sell guns. We want to create shooters.


Precision Shooting Equipment - Firearms, Reloading, Accesories...

Precision Rifle Training

Get a solid foundation in precision rifle, long-range shooting. From gear setup to zeroing and confirmation, ballistic solution development and confirmation through to positional shooting. Combine science and art into a core that you can continue to build on.

Nikon P900 Camera – phenomenal, for the money.

A handheld camera with an 83x zoom built in? Yes. That appeals. But can it live up to the hype?

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The Burris XTR II 5-25x50mm Riflescope

If you want to shoot long range, accurately – a good scope is a requirement. Something that is optically sound, reliable, repeatable and good for field use. The Burris ticks all the boxes there.

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Getting your New Zealand Firearms Licence – the definitive guide (2018)

The process of applying for your New Zealand Firearms Licence is easy. Learn the steps, get started here and get shooting!

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Safety Glasses for Shooting

While hearing protection is a no-brainer when shooting on a range, more and more places are also requiring eye-protection. What should you be looking for in safety glasses for shooting?

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The VRTBR T2 Base Layer – modern thermals.

First, starting from the inside out, the next to skin thermal layer – designated the T2 Base Layer in the VRTBR system.

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Precision Nutrition for Hunters and Shooters

First of all – I have to say, I am not a nutritional expert, nor qualified to dispense nutritional advice. Consult an expert, etc, etc, etc…

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VRTBR – Premium Outdoors Clothing from the Nordics.

Does a company from Denmark offer up some of the best hunting gear in the world? How will it work in NZ? Are asymmetrical zippers the latest trend…

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Tier One Scope Mounts

Not much point having great optics and cheap mounting. A real case of buy once, cry once. The Tier One Monomount (also known as the Unimount).

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Adjusting the trigger on the Tikka TAC A1

I have seen a little misinformation on this one – so here it is. No. You don’t need to pull a Tikka TAC A1 apart to adjust the trigger.

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Replacing the Tikka Bolt Handle

Changing a Tikka Bolt handle is really for aesthetics. Especially on something like the Tikka TAC A1 – which already has an ‘oversized’ tactical style bolt knob on it – it’s certainly not something that is going to improve your grouping. However, we like to tinker, and, it’s a great excuse to pull the bolt apart and clean it.

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