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Precision Rifle Training

Get a solid foundation in precision rifle, long-range shooting. From gear setup to zeroing and confirmation, ballistic solution development and confirmation through to positional shooting. Combine science and art into a core that you can continue to build on.

We build Shooting Systems.

Instead of just selling boxes, we sell Shooting Systems. Each firearm is carefully assembled from carefully chosen premium components, our pick from the top brands, to create a system specific to your needs.

Once assembled, the system undergoes a setup process that includes test firing, zeroing of the scope and setting up for ballistics and field use.

Along with the firearm, you receive a set of documentation, outlying the capabilities of the complete system and when you get it, it's ready to go and shoot.

Precision Nutrition for Hunters and Shooters

First of all – I have to say, I am not a nutritional expert, nor qualified to dispense nutritional advice. Consult an expert, etc, etc, etc…

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VRTBR – Premium Outdoors Clothing from the Nordics.

Does a company from Denmark offer up some of the best hunting gear in the world? How will it work in NZ? Are asymmetrical zippers the latest trend…

Tier One Scope Mounts

Not much point having great optics and cheap mounting. A real case of buy once, cry once. The Tier One Monomount (also known as the Unimount).

Adjusting the trigger on the Tikka TAC A1

I have seen a little misinformation on this one – so here it is. No. You don’t need to pull a Tikka TAC A1 apart to adjust the trigger.

It just starts with the gear!

We also have a range of training courses available. Learn how to set up that new rifle, use a rear bag properly, calculate a ballistic solution and wrap it all around proper fundamentals.