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The Ruger 10/22 – like Lego, but for men!

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The Ruger 10/22 is without a doubt, one of the easiest 22LR rifles to modify, tweak and generally mess about with.

I have had mine for a while and figured you guys were well overdue for an update.

Really, we are only getting started!

The stock is often the main change on a rifle – and it was a fairly easy choice to go with the Magpul X-22 stock – though – Geoff over at The Gunrack has a Boyds AT-ONE coming over to us to check out and use as a prize for an upcoming comp. I might… might be tempted… 🙂

Since I got the base rifle, the stock has been changed, I have put a Bushnell AR/22 Scope on it and shot it.


    Recently, I put in a Timney Trigger group and have just swapped out the factory guide rod and bolt handle with one from KIDD Innovations.

    As I post this – the barrel is off to get threaded for a brake/suppressor and then we will be looking at replacing the extractor due to some issues I had at a recent competition.


    Really, when it comes to a 10/22 – there isn’t much you can’t replace – but – you can do it bits at a time, as things pop up that you would like to improve. Much like the Remington 700 – the 10/22 is a lego gun – well supported by aftermarket manufacturers and endless in the configurations you can make up.

    I will do a few separate reviews on the individual parts as I have a chance to use and shoot them some more. But certainly, everything has come together nicely so far – and I look forward to testing out a pile of ammo in the gun soon, to really see what kind of groups we can start getting out of it.

    Originally published: September 15, 2017

    Lasted updated: May 6, 2018

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