Precision Nutrition for Hunters and Shooters

First of all – I have to say, I am not a nutritional expert, nor qualified to dispense nutritional advice. Consult an expert, etc, etc, etc…

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Smoked Roast Chicken on a Weber Smokey Joe BBQ

The Grill Grilling up a good feed on a bbq is one of the most satisfying things in life.  It tastes that much better when you’ve slaved away for hours getting it just right.  Slow roasting a good piece of meat is one of my favourites, and I’ll share my not so secret method in…

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Making tough decisions aka. Tramping with the shits

So when faced with the shits at the beginning of your tramp what should you do?

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Training for the Hunt

While I don’t necessarily consider the roar to be ‘peak season’ for my hunting – in fact, there are a few good reasons to stay away from public land during this time of year – it’s also a good time to revamp the related fitness regime.

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Making Lemonade with my Knees.

I’m so annoyed at myself. I sustained my first sporting major injury while doing Round the Mountain – Ruapehu in January 2015.

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Value your fingers? Wear gloves.

Fingers. They are great things. Why then, do many guys have this masochistic tendency to not protect them?

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Staying hydrated while in the bush

Water. It’s one of those things you really like to have with you in the bush. But how much do you need?

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NRA Pistol Training – and a finger update.

Well, it’s still attached, which is a bonus. Since I tried (thankfully unsuccessfully) to cut the tip of my trigger finger off, I haven’t been back shooting.

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Lemons in the Bush – a lesson in safety.

I am typing this post with one hand. Its taking a lot longer than it should and really, is a right pain in the arse. I feel like a total numpty at the moment and it’s completely my own fault.

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