Making a Kydex Knife Sheath

I just got myself a new SVORD 350B. Time for a Kydex Knife Sheath!

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Why every Bloke should carry a notebook.

Why every Bloke should carry a notebook. This has been a habit that I have formed over several years. I have always been the guy carrying a pen around with me, and slowly it dawned on me that carrying a notebook to write in was probably a local addition. Now, I hate being without one.…

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LUMENS – Shedding light on the matter

Get a couple of guys in a hut around a table talking about gear, and at some point the lumen wars will begin. But what is a Lumen?

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SVORD Golok – The beast

In a fit of knife buying I decided I wanted a big heavy blade and a bigger, even heavier blade. So I went out and got myself a Svord Golok.

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Hunters Element Contour Pack

The Hunters Element Contour Pack – just the right size, full of features, nice and cool on the back.

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Hunters Element Hydrapel Trousers

Things have moved on since the old faithful stubbie. Thankfully. Hunters Element Hydrapel Trousers.

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Flat Tarps

Want a simple shelter solution? Considered a tarp?

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Hunters Element Rugged Bush Coat

Awesome coat. Need to get another for around town.
Would like pit zips – but that would probably also mean a price increase.

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Single Walled Tents / Flys / Tarp Tents

Like the security of a double walled tent, but want to go lighter? How about going to a single walled tent?

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Lifting the Veil: Digital Camouflage Systems

How does Hunters Element’s new Veil Camo system work?

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