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What is the best bipod to get?

There is a lot of choice out there in bipods – and new manufactures seem to be coming onto the market every day with even more options….

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Lightweight Bipods

A Carbon Fibre Lightweight Bipod – not cheap – but worth it!

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Kriss DMK22 – 22 AR Platform Rifle

It’s such a good time to be a competition shooting in NZ! A first look at the DMK22 from Kriss.

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The general public and firearms awareness.

The general public know a lot less about firearms in NZ than you might think. This is both a good and bad thing.

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1. Treat every Firearm as Loaded

Firearms aren’t inherently dangerous. They are, after all, simply a mechanical device that requires a specific series of manipulations to fire. Treating every firearm as loaded becomes the first principle that the follows rules build upon.

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Lever Action Rifles

It’s simple. You pick up a lever action and you feel like a cowboy. A revolution when it happened. The lever action rifle is now so intertwined with the lore of the cowboy. You can’t help but want to start swaggering the moment you pick one up.

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10/22 Build Update

The Ruger 10/22 – like Lego, but for men!

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TSSC Practical 22LR Competition

Gillice Practical Rifle Events recently hosted the TSSC Practical 22LR shooting competition – and, as we have come to expect from Simon and team, it was another excellent day shooting!

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Bradley Adjustable Cheek Rest

The Bradley Cheek Rest is a simple, robust solution to give you the best possible cheek weld, without having to permanently modify your firearm.

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A (not so) Precision Rifle build…

Now, this isn’t the sort of rifle you’d perhaps expect from us, as “Precision” is our mantra.

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