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Rifle Cleaning and POI Shift

“Hey mate if I take stock off my rifle to clean after a wet Urewera road trip can it ruin my zero sorry if dumb question cheers”

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Gun cleaning – just do it!

We all know the scenario, head out to the range or for a hunt, end up putting none (or minimal) rounds through a gun, then get home after a long day and get tempted to put the firearm straight back into the safe. Probably not the best of ideas. Gun cleaning needs to be part of your habitual routine.

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An Adjustable Gas Block – why, what, and how.

Why should I consider an Adjustable Gas Block for my AR? What do they do? How do they work? How do I set one up?

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A new build! The Ruger 10/22 Tactical Comp Rifle

We are in the process of organising some .22 ‘tactical/practical’ style shoots. So, it would make sense to have a .22!

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Gun Storage: Compliance Complacency

Maybe it’s the addition of children to the house or maybe the fact my day job is essentially a compliance officer. But these days I often see cases where there is a danger of us deciding as individuals and then as a society that good enough is, well, good enough.

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Getting your Firearms License

I get asked a lot about getting into shooting – either from a hunting perspective or target shooting (both rifle and pistol) – so I thought I would write a little about the process.

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The Tikka T3X – exclusive first look!

I would pick, that if you live in NZ, you already know about the Tikka T3X. I would say it is a safe bet that its predecessor, the T3 it is one of, if not the, most popular hunting rifles in New Zealand. So, when something as popular as the T3 Lite gets an update,…

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E Cat Safe Requirements

NOTE: A bit of this has ‘changed’ since I originally wrote this. Will update soon.

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Lab Radar, OBT Testing and a sunburn!

I am always keen to develop and test new methods of load development. Anything I can do to speed up the process of finding optimal loads – it means less component use and more time to practise my shooting and confirm ballistics and less testing loads.

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What Cartridge for Deer?

The age old question. It’s usually made with good intentions – the new hunter, armed with $1k in the bank and a passion for shooting some deer just wants to know an easy answer, what rifle to buy. What cartridge?

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Tikka TAC A1
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