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What causes flyers?

We all know the feeling – you have just shot a string of touching holes and out of no-where – a flyer! A single solitary hole that decides to ruin all your hard work!

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Range Day Prep.

Preparing for the next range day. New primers, new load development. Fireforming.

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Dillon 550 Upgrades

The key to efficient reloading is ergonomics and economy of movement.

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Disposing of ammo: Lyman Kinetic Bullet Puller

At some point you are going to have ammo you want to get rig of. The Lyman Kinetic Bullet Puller.

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Dillon RL 550B Progressive Press

I grabbed a Dillon RL 550B Progressive press from Reloaders Supplies for pistol reloading.

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OCW Testing take 2: OnTarget TDS

I reloaded another set of rounds headed out to the range to shoot them off then came back and collated the information in OnTarget TDS.

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