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Hunter Safety

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Scope Bite

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Over the weekend, I watched two shooters scope themselves – that is, the recoil of the firearm pushes the scope back into head, above the eyebrow – generally cutting the head open. Scope Bite looks nasty, but is easy to avoid.

Half Cock, just half assed?

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This came about by it becoming ‘acceptable practise’ over the course of many years in New Zealand. There is no-where else that I am aware of, in the world that considers this a good practise. Either closed and ready to shoot, or empty.

Well the roar is nearly upon us

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Well the roar is nearly upon us, so I reckon it’s a good time to bang the drum for safety again, but this time I want to share a few ideas that expand on the tired old refrain of ‘always positively identify your target beyond all doubt’.

Making tough decisions aka. Tramping with the shits

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So when faced with the shits at the beginning of your tramp what should you do?

Firearms Safety – forming better gun handling habits.

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Firearms Safety isn’t just about knowing the 7 Basic Rules of Firearms Safety, nor is it about remembering just enough to pass the multi-choice questionnaire that is a requirement of getting a firearms license in New Zealand. It’s about making a commitment to maintain a high standard of firearms handling and safety at all times. One of the keys to this, is learning and reinforcing good habits when handling firearms.

Hearing Protection Choices

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You need to get some good hearing protection and wear it. Always.

Ten Safety Articles Every Hunter Should Read

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Essentials LINK – Hunter Safety During the Roar The Roar is one of the busiest times in the NZ Bush for hunters, for obvious reasons – this article is a good overview of the considerations and conversations you should be having before you head out – especially if you are heading out in a group. LINK…

Survival Kit vs. PLB

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A friend brought up an interesting point when we were last out tramping.  There was a group of us and one guy had an army-style molle pouch attached to his hip-belt containing his survival kit. Now I can appreciate the desire to have a 2nd line containing all the necessities for when you drop-pack and wander…

Blisters. Suck.

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Pure evil blisters which when they rupture can bring you to your knees in pain with a cry which will scare away any wildlife in a 3 km radius.

Hunter Safety During the Roar

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It’s the one time of year where a pile of testosterone fueled males chase around after another bunch of testosterone males in the bush.

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