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The Stone Glacier R3 3300

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By now, you will have likely realised I am as much about systems and workflows as I am about products themselves. Certain products lean themselves towards practical use, the mesh with my way of thinking and working – the Stone Glacier R2 330 is one such product.

The Shot Expo 2018

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We decided on a roaving reporter format for this one – and Matt was kind enough to carry around an overly heavy and cumbersome camera for me all day. I promise to sort a shoulder mount next time Matt!

Lightweight, supportive boots. Lowa Z-8S GTX

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Boots. One of the most important equipment decisions you can make.

UF PRO Striker HT Combat Pants

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The UFO Pro is my new go-to shooting pant. Tough, comfortable with all the pockets you could ever need. For a dedicated ‘field’ pant – they are going to be hard to beat.

The Tuatara UTV

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Huge thanks to Tuatara NZ for supplying us with one of their awesome new ATVs to use on the weekend. The Tuatara made light work of all the terrain on the farm, making setting out the stages and targets a breeze. Hit us up for further info and pricing if your interested in making one of these bad boys your own

Computer Eye Strain Relief – Oakley Prescription Glasses

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I have been wearing glasses since my school years. As a child, I was identified very early on as having a ‘lazy eye’ – a slight squint. But it wasn’t until I started reading a lot, either books or computers that I started developing headaches. A visit to the optometrist identified as regular corneal astigmatism, which, in…

Spartan Precision Equipment – Javelin Bipod, Kapita Tripod

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Weight. For some of us, the quest is to reduce weight down further and further. Why? Less weight, less fatigue, ability to go further, longer and more comfortably. Want the lightest? The Javelin Bipod, Kapita Tripod may be the answer.

Hunters Element Edge Pouches

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Hunters Element Edge Pouches – simple addition to customise your carry rig.

Down the rabbit hole with a pocket knife.

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I love how the further you explore the rabbit hole, the deeper it can become. Even something as simple as replacing something lost can lead you through an interesting path of discovery and adventure. Such was the case when I tried to replace my lost pocket knife.

The Camping Coffee Conundrum.

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The Camping Coffee Conundrum. Finding the perfect brew.

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