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Precision Equipment

Hornady Match Ammo

Lightweight, supportive boots. Lowa Z-8S GTX

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Boots. One of the most important equipment decisions you can make.

The Last Stand

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Target stands can often be cumbersome, heavy things that you just want to put out once and leave. However, if you want to be setting up ‘impromptu’ field shooting targets, something lighter, quick to setup and breakdown becomes a hell of an advantage.

Hardcore Hardware’s Tac Pen

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They had me with.. “we have incorporated a pointed tip for sensitive investigative work”

UF PRO Striker HT Combat Pants

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The UFO Pro is my new go-to shooting pant. Tough, comfortable with all the pockets you could ever need. For a dedicated ‘field’ pant – they are going to be hard to beat.

Hearing Protection Choices

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You need to get some good hearing protection and wear it. Always.

Yale Gun Safe

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So, assuming you are already on the same page as me regarding firearm security (start by reading my article on complacency) you might be considering put your rifles in a safe. Here is a really good option for you.

An update on the Garmin Tactix.

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A couple of weeks ago I went on a bit of a rant about my Garmin Tactix.

OV Innovations – Improving the NICE Frame

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OV Innovations are a small bespoke company based in Arizona, USA. They focus primarily on making great packs even better.

Why every Bloke should carry a notebook.

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Why every Bloke should carry a notebook. This has been a habit that I have formed over several years. I have always been the guy carrying a pen around with me, and slowly it dawned on me that carrying a notebook to write in was probably a local addition. Now, I hate being without one.…

High Ground Gear HG-831 Modular Pack

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The High Ground Gear HG-831 is a modular pack system that lets you drop what you don’t need and only carry the essentials.

Tikka TAC A1
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