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Time to get off your stomach. Building on the Basics Course – 102 – Positional Practice provides an opportunity to practice up off your guts.

December 8 @ 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

North Auckland Range, Auckland,New Zealand



December 8
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
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North Auckland Range
Auckland,New Zealand

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For those heading out from out of town, we are able to organise accommodation as well.

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The course

Prone shooting is often all that people will practice, but in hunting and competition environment – the standard, flat prone position is often not available. Challenge yourself with some alternative positions.

While not all positions will directly relate (you don’t come across many tank traps in the bush) – getting into alternative positions and understanding how to apply yourself to challenges will.

Based in Auckland, a private range will allow you to shoot out as far as the rifle and you are capable of.


Ideally, you will have completed one of our fundamental classes, otherwise, the ability to comfortably and repeatedly hit medium-sized targets to 500 meters while prone would be a good measure of skill.

If you are a little short in this department, you may find you struggle to achieve hits on any targets. You are still more than welcome to come along, but we will be doing minimal equipment checking and confirming during this course. It’s not the place to come and try to sort your rifles zero!

Course Contents

  • Zero Confirmation – we will check zero and do some quick drills to ‘warm up’
  • A quick recap of the fundamentals of shooting – and how we sometimes need to break them
  • The four basic shooting positions – prone, sitting, kneeling, standing
  • The Workshorse – a simple barracade to practice on
  • The Tank Trap – a great tool for multiple positions
  • Tripods and Shooting Sticks
  • Shooting under time and physical stress

Equipment requirements

If you don’t already have any of this – let us know and we can organise a suitable firearm to use on the day.


  • A rifle that is capable of at least shooting a 1 Minute of Angle (1 inch) group at 100 meters/yards  – that you have personally confirmed
  • A bipod mounted onto the system
  • 80 rounds of your normal ‘main’ ammunition (we may only need to shoot half of that)
  • A magnified optic that has exposed target style turrets, and a reticle with subtensions (MIL or MOA)
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather
  • Any special dietry requirements of medical supplies (please notify us)

Nice to have, but not critical (and we can supply)

  • Your ballistic computer (let us know what you are bringing)
  • A rangefinder and kestrel weather meter
  • A suppressor (some ranges require the use of suppressors)
  • A tripod or shooting stick setup

We supply

  • Chronograph, targets, safe shooting environment
  • A great place to practice
  • Additional equipment to use and test

Calibre Considerations

Can I just suggest, that 80 rounds on a Magnum, over the course of a day, is going to wear anyone down. Feel free to bring it out to zero and to take some long shots towards the end of the day, but most of what we do doesn’t require the power or recoil that is going to come with a 7mm Rem Mag, 300 Win or 338 Laupa. Instead, the milder the gun, the more you can focus on your shooting and the less on anticipating the kick.

Yes, a 6.5 Creedmoor is ideal, so is a 7mm08 or a .308.

What you will walk away with

  • An understanding of the shooting fundamentals – how to apply them, when to break them
  • Some basic drills for practice on the range!
  • A systematic approach to shooting barricades and odd positions
  • A better understanding of your limits

“Great course to take your basic shooting to the next level. Had a superb time out with Kerry. He took me through the basics and helped spot bad practice before it became bad habits. Came away feeling far more confident than I’d been before being there. Kerry was very patient. Overall, a superb course. I thoroughly recommend it.” – Gareth


December 8
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Event Category:


Precision Shooter
+64 21 2900 333


North Auckland Range
Auckland,New Zealand


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