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Taranaki Long Range Shooters


Taranaki Long Range Shooters started as a small group of shooters who organised long range rifle events in North Taranaki, it has now grown to something far bigger than we could have imagined and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

We are now in the process of forming a Club called Taranaki Sports Shooters Association, with the goal of making sports shooting events a regular occurrence in Taranaki again and our long term goal is working towards securing land to open a full time rifle range.

The plan at this stage is to have a minimum of a monthly event be it long range, MSSA or even the humble 22LR and we already have the first years worth of events tentatively planned out.

If you are interested in learning ore about the club or becoming a member please don’t hesitate on sending through and email and we will get all the relevant information emailed or posted through to you.

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