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Precision Shooter is a resource and store run by me, Kerry Adams. It's a result of me wanting access to stuff that I couldn't get easily here in NZ.

It made sense to get some extra for others at the same time.

Shooting Equipment

The Bang Sticks.

I got into shooting a couple of years ago - initially through hunting, but quickly got involved in IPSC pistol shooting. Often looking overseas for information, I quickly jumped onto the PRS bandwagon - and thoroughly enjoy the combination of long range shooting and practical, time-limited courses.

I quickly noticed that a lot of the 'support' gear wasn't available down here in NZ. One of the first brands I started bringing in was THLR - our of Norway, this is a premium range of rear bags, slings and training gear.

Soon, I started adding more rear bag options and started getting in more and more product out of the US - simple firearm upgrades, shooting accessories and such.

Along the way, I have met a lot of interesting people and learnt a lot. If there is something else you are after - make sure you get in touch. There is a lot of stuff I have access to that isn't on the site - it's just the nature of things. Just ask.

It's as much about education as it is about product.

Through several 'roles' now and several business ventures, I have found myself often taking the role of educator as much as a salesperson. In fact, I can easily say it is a preference.

By teaching the how it becomes more apparent why the equipment I have is better and more useful to the person purchasing it. Added value is an overused term these days - but that is how I provide it.

Educate, supply, support.


Feeding the machines.


With pistol shooting came reloading. However, it became quickly apparent that reloading was going to be justified through 'economical ammo' - as I quickly fell down the rabbit hole of seeking better and better ammo, often (along with education) meaning better and truing equipment.

It's a good time to be reloading. Alongside the main companies producing excellent equipment, there is a massive cottage industry of small and solo operators producing upgrades, tweaks and just better ways of doing things. There is always something new, something better to be had.

As I learn more, I find a better way to do things, and the store reflects that.

There are products I have sold in the past that are no longer in the store. It's not like the suddenly aren't 'good' anymore, but it's more that I have found better.

I am constantly looking to optimise everything I do. Again, another overused term at the moment 'life hacking' - but for gear addicts.

What can we do better?


Bushman? Not really!

To be blunt, I don't get out anywhere near as much as I would like. In fact, I all but fit the definition of Weekend Warrior. My background is actually pro-audio - working in studios and nightclubs to the wee hours of the morning.

Somewhere along the lines, I also picked up a decent coffee addiction and an interest in EDC and many other things. Like all the other products on here, certainly, things caught my interest and eventually turned up on the site as well!




Most products are the result of me wanting to fix a problem or do something better. A lot of research goes into brands and products before any initial contact is made. Normally, I am already 99% sure it's going to do the job.



Then, one or two of the items in question are brought in, used, abused, tested and tried - would I use it myself, does it solve the problem I need it too?

If it doesn't, you won't ever get to see it, if it does. I will tell you about it.



Instead of just putting something up online with a price next to it, I always try to provide additional information on how to get the most out of a particular item. The better someone can use it, the more benefit and more value to them. Win, win!



Generally, I am aiming to match a 'RRP' from overseas, with just our local taxes on top. Certainly, freight is often the killer here - especially with those smaller, more specialised lines - but the goal is to be at least comparable to what you see online.

A little about Kerry (me)

Father of two insanely cute little girls (the psychological warfare has already started!), keen explorer both of the outside world and the capabilities of the human mind, writer, reviewer, erm, nice chap?


My father is one of those tradesmen who truly justifies the term 'craftsman'. Going beyond just functional, I was taught the importance of taking pride in your work, doing your best work and exceeding the expectations of the client. It's the details that matter and end the end, do indeed get noticed.

My mother is a nurse. Originally triage, through to public health, then eventually an OSH Inspector. I learnt genuine concern for others - a drive to be able to ensure the safety and health of those around me. I also learn that first aid doesn't need to be pretty. Just effective. Between the two of them, I learn compassion, love and so many other things. Thanks to you both!

For many years, I DJed and produced Minimal Techno, in it's many forms. Working as a sound engineer in nightclubs and running a mastering studio. One early morning, I realised this wasn't the most healthy lifestyle. Even though I wasn't indulging in the many things on offer, late nights, lack of sunshine and the general lifestyle, didn't have a future. So I head back outside.

Over the years, I have developed a drive to be constantly learning. My brain craves stimulation. For a long time, that was met through gaming (ARMA - ShackTac Clan Member) but I realised that I was much better served instead focusing that drive on learning, condensing and disseminating information that would be of use to myself and others.


  • Beginners Bushcraft
  • Intermediate Bushcraft
  • Advanced Bushcraft
  • Risk Management
  • River Safety
  • Outdoors First Aid
  • Outdoor Leaders
  • Above the Bushline
  • Outdoor Emergency Management


  • National Certificate Level 3 in Occupational Health and Safety
  • Hazardous Goods Approved Handler
  • MPI Biosecurity Facility Operator – Sea and Air Containers
  • National Certificate in Outdoor Recreation (Leadership) (Level 3)

Club Involvement

  • New Zealand Deerstalkers (club RO and communications officer)
  • Pistol NZ
  • LandSAR NZ Trainee (on hold for fatherhood)
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