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Struggling to get find some guidance on how to get going with your shooting?

Nothing beats trigger time to improve your shooting, however, if your basics are wrong, you could also be simply repeating and reinforcing bad habits.

Get set up correctly, both literally with your equipment, and figuratively with a set of base skills and practices that you can then work on and refine.

Many of us find ourselves with limited to enjoy our past times. Let us provide you with a condensed, refined block of information to get you set up right and maximise return on investment.

Get started right.

Jan 19

Sparrowhawk NZ Precision Rifle Course

January 19, 2019 @ 8:00 am - January 21, 2019 @ 5:00 pm

Equipment requirements

If you don't already have any of this - let us know and we can Likely sort it.

We have suitable firearms to use on courses - just get in touch and we can organise one for you. You will only pay for the ammo used.

We enjoy having new shooters along - so - even if you are only in the process of getting your firearms license, or, want to try before you apply - get in touch!



  • A rifle that is capable of at least printing a 1 Minute of Angle (1 inch) group at 100 meters/yards
  • A bipod mounted onto the system
  • 40 rounds of your normal 'main' ammunition (we may only need to shoot half of that) - feel free to bring more, but we are focused on quality, not quantity. Make each shot count.
  • A magnified optic that has exposed target style turrets, a tactical style reticle (MIL or MOA)
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather
  • Any special dietary requirements of medical supplies (please notify us)

Nice to have, but not critical (and we can supply)

  • Your ballistic computer (let us know what you are bringing)
  • A rangefinder and kestrel weather meter
  • A suppressor (some ranges require the use of suppressors)

We supply

  • Chronograph, targets, safe shooting environment
  • One on one tuition and coaching
  • Additional equipment to use and test

Course Curriculums

101 - The Basics

For new shooters.

Rifle Setup and Fundamentals – learn how to get the most of your equipment and get it ready for shooting precision long range. From stock and scope setup, through to shooting fundamentals and through to creating ballistic data for your rifle and testing it.

  • Setup – Before we do anything. Let’s check your rifle is correctly setup and shooting for you. Learn about rifle, optics, turrets, reticles and more. It’s a gear shakedown and setup.
  • Fundamentals – A primer of the fundamentals of shooting – positioning, trigger control, recoil management.
  • Zero – Learn how to properly zero your rifle, understand the process, refine your setup.
  • ‘Try’ Data – Using a Chronograph and Ballistic Software, develop a basic ballistic profile for your system.
  • Confirm – Confirm our ballistic predictions, refine and true theory with actual.
  • Integrate – Go through the process of creating drop sheets and date, ready for the field.

102 - Positional Practice

Time to get off your stomach. Building on the Basics Course – 102 – Positional Practice provides a chance to practice some real-world shooting problems.

  • Zero Confirmation – we will check zero and do some quick drills to ‘warm-up’
  • A quick recap of the fundamentals of shooting – and how we sometimes need to break them
  • The four basic shooting positions – prone, sitting, kneeling, standing
  • The Tank Trap – a great tool for multiple positions
  • Tripods and Shooting Sticks
  • Shooting under time and physical stress

What you will walk away with

  • A gun that is ready to go and a better understanding of how it works
  • An understanding of the shooting fundamentals - how to apply them, when to break them
  • Verified and tested ballistic charts for your primary ammo
  • A thirst to get more advanced training!

One On One Courses

Not sure where to start?

Need help setting up a new rifle?

Book in when suits you, and what suits you.

Get in touch with what you are looking for help with, and we can advise on an approach.

Upcoming Group Courses

Jan 19

Sparrowhawk NZ Precision Rifle Course

January 19, 2019 @ 8:00 am - January 21, 2019 @ 5:00 pm

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