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The course

This course is for the shooter who is looking for an in-depth introduction in the world of long-range, practical shooting. Developing a better understanding of the equipment required, it's setup and it's utilisation to consistently and quickly engage targets and range.

New to long-range shooting, wanting to hone the fundamentals or wanting some time to create and validate some data, this is the day for you.

Based in Auckland, a private range will allow you to shoot out as far as the rifle and you are capable of.



Minimal. A willingness to learn and an appreciation for basic firearms safety. If you need to, we can even supply the firearm!

What you bring to the course in regards to previous experience and equipment will determine how fast we can progress to shooting out to distance. A previously setup firearm, that is already zeroed and dialled in, will allow us to get pushing out to distance further - but - if we need to start from scratch and get your new gun on paper - we can do that as well.

Course Contents

It should be noted, that courses are always customised to the client's requirements and prior experience. We will determine what exactly you are seeking to achieve and will be able to cater to it.

  • Basic firearms handling
  • Optics usage - focus, parallax adjustment, zeroing
  • The fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Developing a basic ballistics profile
  • How to estimate and read the wind
  • Drop data acquisition and validation
  • Unconventional shooting positions

Equipment requirements

If you don't already have any of this - let us know and we can organise a suitable firearm to use on the day.


  • A rifle that is capable of at least printing a 1 Minute of Angle (1 inch) group at 100 meters/yards
  • A bipod mounted onto the system
  • 40 rounds of suitable ammunition
  • A magnified optic that has exposed target style turrets, a tactical style reticle (MIL or MOA)
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather
  • Any special dietry requirements of medical supplies (please notify us)

Nice to have, but not critical (and we can supply)

  • Your ballistic computer (let us know what you are bringing)
  • A rangefinder
  • A kestrel weather meter

We supply

  • Chronograph, targets, safe shooting enviroment
  • One on one tuition and coaching
  • Additional equipment to use and test

What you will walk away with

  • A gun that is ready to go and a better understanding of how it works
  • An understanding of the shooting fundamentals - how to apply them, when to break them
  • Verified and tested ballistic charts for your primary ammo
  • Error Budget Data Analysis - know how far you can go!

Full day course - $650

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