We build Shooting Systems.

Instead of just selling boxes, we sell Shooting Systems. Each firearm is carefully assembled from carefully chosen premium components, our pick from the top brands, to create a system specific to your needs.

Once assembled, the system undergoes a setup process that includes test firing, zeroing of the scope and setting up for ballistics and field use.

Along with the firearm, you receive a set of documentation, outlying the capabilities of the complete system and when you get it, it's ready to go and shoot.

Seek to understand first.

Too many firearms are purchased 'gun forward' - that is, starting with the best-looking gun, and working towards what it might actually be used for. We do the opposite.

Purpose - Projectile - Barrell - Action - Chassis

We start with the end in mind. After a process of seeking to understand exactly what the client is wanting to use the firearm for, where, how often, we can start to direct them in the appropriate direction.

Select Components

No, we don't carry everything. In fact, we have a very limited selection.

Don't get us wrong - we can likely source anything and everything. But instead, we choose to focus on a handful of components that we have tried and tested, and are happy to personally put our names behind. We know what they offer the client, we know how they work into the bigger picture of shooting systems, and we use them ourselves.

Don't worry, it's all stuff you are likely to recognize. Time proven brands and models that will do the job. But selecting the parts is only the beginning.


Trueing and Reporting

Handover includes a suite of reports and information to help get the client get the most out of their investment - this often includes hands-on range time - to both customise the setup to the individual and ensure everything is working as they expect and want.

The goal for us, is a true, out of the box solution for our customers. No further mucking around, no 'tweaking to get it to work' - just field ready, accurate shooting solutions.

Start your journey.

Get in touch. Let's get creating.


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