Part hunting rifle, part competition shooter, tack driver.

The Concept

A 'crossover' rifle is one considered equally home both hunting and shooting competition on the range. This creates a unique set of requirements.

  • Light enough to carry around the hills, but with a barrel weight that will take the heat generated from a string of fire
  • Short enough to be manoeuvrable when pushing through the undergrowth, but not compromising on velocity for the long shots
  • Design features that work both in the bush and on the range


"Working with Kerry was really easy. We figured out what I needed, he put it together and showed me how to get the most out of it. Very happy!"

"Now I see the difference between a store bought rifle and a custom setup. The rifle fits me like a glove, and shoots like a dream!"

More shooting. Less setting up.

Firearm systems, carefully designed, ready to go, ready to shoot, ready to win.

The Rifle


If you live in New Zealand, you know the Tikka brand. The T3 and now T3X potentially being the most popular hunting rifle for years.

While the T3x likely remains the most popular choice for dedicated hunting rifles, we believe the CTR has a few advantages when it comes to a rifle that can also be used in competition or more long-range orientated shooting.

Crossover features

The CTR shares several of its features with the Tikka TAC A1. The slightly heavier barrel and action ensure that the CTR can handle strings of fire without starting to see the vertical stringing that happens with the lighter barrels. Ten round strings of fire will not result in significant POI shift.

The bottom metal allows the use of the awesome ten round side-by-side magazine, while, should you need it, it is still easy enough to drop rounds in from the top.

The Cartridge


Despite being called a fad for the longest time, the 6.5 Creedmoor has proven itself time and time again as a phenomenal long-range cartridge. Great ballistics, less recoil and support by a wide range of Factory Ammunition - the cartridge is here to stay, and the obvious choice for a rifle system like this.

Reload if you want, but also be confident that you can find ammunition to feed your rifle from most gun stores, including us. Match Ammo, plinking ammo - it's there.

Should you, for some reason, take the TAC A1 out hunting (a little too heavy for us, but up to you) - there is also plenty of hunting ammunition available.

The Ammunition


Our factory ammo choice is Hornady's sublime 143 grain Precision Hunter ammo.

This is highly accurate hunting ammo. The main difference from the 'match' option is the use of the ELD-X projectile. This expanding round ensures that animals go down quick.

This is the ammo we zero and test with the firearm, chronograph, set up the optics and custom turrets for, and enter into the ballistics calculator.

Along with the rifle, we supply 100 rounds of ammunition. While the zero and performance shift between batch to batch is negligible, this just gets us started off on the right foot.

Again, another step of setup we remove for you. Just go shoot!

A great rifle deserves great glass.

Don't skimp on your optics. It's what you see the world through.

The Optics

It's a case of balancing the rifle with the optics.

There is no point in phenomenal rifle, with sub-par optics. While it could be argued that there is no real upper limit for the optics you could put on the rifle, it's also a case of keeping things in-line in regards to overall investment in a system.

With that in mind, we often pair the Tikka CTR up with the Burris XTR II 3-15 scope.

The 3-15 is the ideal middle ground between a short, bush scope and the long-range specialists.  At the short end, 3x is enough for quick acquisition of targets at close ranges. 15 is plenty to shoot out to 1k with.

We pair the scope with the excellent Burris Signature XTR Rings, which allow up to 40 MOA of cant to be utilised (we normally set it up with 20 MOA). This gets the most out of the scope, and the unique ring inserts mean perfect alignment and no scope rash. These are not the lightest rings on the market - but they are solid.

The scope also comes with covers and a sunshade - a complete setup from the start.

The scope comes fully set up, zeroed and ready to go.

However, the entire firearm system will be customised and tweaked just for you - which is part of the setup process and training that we include with each one of our firearms.

We will spend a day with you ensuring eye relief is correct, performing a final zero validation with you shooting the firearm and run through its operation and features.

Reticles MOA & MILS

Now, sure, it could be arguable that you don't need a 'sport' reticle for hunting. But. We invision people are going to stretch this gun out, and, engage in competition as well.

I tend to suggest people utilise MIL over MOA - though both are available - use what you know, and if you are new to reticles, let me welcome you to the world of Metric and MILS!

The SCR reticle (special competition reticle) provides a balance between being able to holdover accurately within the scope, while not getting too busy and distracting.

Custom Turrets

Based on our ammunition choice, we can confirm velocity on your specific rifle build, then can have a custom turret label made up.

This is a quick reference label that reduces your shooting solution to meters. Range to target, dial on the scope, pull the trigger.

It will be set up for a nominal atmospheric condition and we will provide a quick reference chart that will also allow you to quickly adapt to changes in temperature or pressure.

It results in one of the quickest and easiest solutions to dialling your rifle out to distance - but retains the ability to use a standard ballistics calculator should the environment get a little tricky.

Rejoice lefties!

This system is also available as a true left-handed setup. No more compromise or making do.

As a leftie myself, I appreciate the difference.

Shooting Supports

For the front of the rifle, we recommend and supply the time-tested Harris Bipod. This is a bipod that is quickly removable for stages/times you don't need it - or when strapping the gun to a backpack for transport. We envision you leaving it at home for hunting, and taking it out for long range use.

For the rear, a Short Action Precision Lightweight Bag or Armageddon Gear X-Wing (your choice on the training day) provides a solid rear support for shooting.

An Armageddon gear competition sling comes supplied for carry and for positional support.

The Rest

Kestrel 3500 Weather Meter

If you need it, we can likely source it.

If you don't already have them - several things to consider would be a good rangefinder and potentially a Kestrel. A rangefinder is important because it will let you get an accurate distance to target, and a Kestrel is a great way of learning to ready wind and quickly ascertain environments (the 3500) or - can even provide a full ballistics solution centre (the 5700 elite) - again - through us all set up and ready to go with your firearm already loaded and trued in the system.

Not just a setup. A system.

Each firearms system includes a suite of reports and documents as well as a day of setting the rifle up just for you, explaining how to get the most out of it, and of course, a day of shooting!

Setup and Training

A big part of getting into the firearm supply side of things was out of frustration of having to set up and troubleshoot new rifles for clients. New guns, sold and 'setup' for customers - but not being remotely ready to go when out in the field. During our shooting fundamentals courses, instead of being able to focus on the shooting, we ended up gear focused.

We decided a better way was needed. So, each of our systems includes a day of setting up, training and trueing the client on their new investment. Before the customer even turns up, we have confirmed the system is set up correctly, functioning properly and ready to go. No more questioning if it's you or the rifle - you can just focus on shooting fundamentals and getting out and shooting.

The setup day involves an orientation around the firearm and optics system, before setting the rifle up just for you, including zero confirmation at 100 meters. Once that is done, we spend the rest of the time working on some basic shooting fundamentals and stretching the legs of the new gun. During that process, we will be talking about the individual ballistic profile of the gun and how to make the most of it.

You will walk away familiar with your new rifle, how it shoots and how to get the most out of it.


Documents & reference cards

Along the rifle, you will also receive a suite of documentation and information on the rifle system.

More than just a drop card, we provide information on how to get the most out of the firearm in varying conditions and environments. We supply a barrel shot record, as well as a quick reference on scope reticles, MIL and MOA and much, much more. Its DOPE1 ready to go for your new gun.



"Working with Kerry was really easy. We figured out what I needed, he put it together and showed me how to get the most out of it. Very happy!"

"Now I see the difference between a store bought rifle and a custom setup. The rifle fits me like a glove, and shoots like a dream!"

Let's get started.

Welcome to a  complete service to get you sorted and out shooting, faster.

Save weeks, and months of trying to put together the perfect system, get it assembled and get it working right. Let us help guide you from the start. Let us know what you want to do, and we will make it happen.

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