The Firearms Experience

Want to

"When I first got into shooting, the wide variety of guns, calibres and options quickly became overwhelming. Gun stores made the issue worse - with a wall of firearms to choose from. Even now, I would suggest the gun I bought was not necesarily to most fit for purpose.

But you learn, now, we make the opportunity to save a few of those headaches available to you.

Come join us. Have a chat, learn, shoot some guns." - Kerry

The course

Considering taking up shooting? Hunting? Not sure where to start?

Looking at purchasing a new gun but would really like to try before you buy?

Come and take part in Auckland's shooting experience.

Unique location, phenomenal firearms and a great day out.

Shoot a variety of firearms and calibres in a safe, fun and unique environment. A truly unique experience and opportunity to try before you apply, try before you buy.

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Very little.

Don't have a firearms licence? No issue. Our qualified and experienced hosts will take you through the process from first handling a firearm, to shooting one. If you get hooked (and you will) - then they can also explain the process, step-by-step of getting your firearms licence in NZ.

Already got your licence and want to just try a variety of firearms? Also no worries. With a hunting guide and a shooting instructor there, we can advise and guide (after asking a lot of questions) you to what might be the best option for your first, second, or tenth firearm.

The Firearms Experience

Knowledge is power

Make smarter, informed selections when it comes to firearms and shooting.

As with all our courses, we start your firearms shooting experience with a comprehensive safety brief.

Then Kerry will walk you through the range of firearms available - explaining the differences in actions, why some are more suitable for specific purposes and what you should be looking for, depending on your particular requirements. He will explain the uses and differences when it comes to calibre selection, ammunition choices and optics.

For new shooters, this is a great primer on firearms, whether you are planning on hunting or target shooter. For experienced shooters - we are sure you will still learn a thing or two - and - likely will have knowledge of your own to share.

This is a hand's on, show and tell experience.

Start Small, Work Up

Lithgow Arms LA101
Lithgow Arms LA101
Magpul 10/22 Hunter
Magpul 10/22 Hunter
Norinco NHM90 AK47
Norinco NHM90 AK47
Bushmaster AR15
Bushmaster AR15
Browning X-Bolt
Browning X-Bolt

We then head over to the short course range to get a basic familiarisation with a rifle and start shooting.

For this, we use a selection of .22LR rifles - potentially the most common first rifle calibre for people. A cheap, easy to shoot and setup calibre, the 22LR has long been used on farms around New Zealand for pest control, and, there are plenty of rimfire events to be shoot every weekend around Auckland and NZ.

Everyone should have a 22!

We quickly work through the four main positions - prone, sitting, kneeling and standing. This isn't so much a shooting lesson (that's something we do separately) but a good way to get people comfortable shooting a rifle before moving onto the centrefire calibres with more kick.

Once people are comfortable with the 22's, we get a little bigger, picking up a .223 - again, one of the most popular calibres available. In this case, we will be shooting a Semi-Automatic. Specifically an AR - quickly becoming a very popular choice of firearm in NZ.

We finish with a 7mm08 - potentially the most common hunter cartridge in the greater Auckland region. This sets us up ready to move onto the longer ranges.

Step Up, Reach Out

Remington 700 XLR
Remington 700 XLR
Tikka TAC A1
Tikka TAC A1
Tikka CTR 20"
Tikka CTR 20"
Tikka T3X Stainless
Tikka T3X Stainless

Once we are comfortable with the short course, it's time to stretch the legs a little.

For most hunting in New Zealand - 100 meters is often as far as a rifle gets to be shot, however, modern firearms are capable of much, much more.

So, we turn our attention to the centrefires now - increasing the size of the cartridges, and increasing the distance of shooting.

Long range shooting is quickly growing in popularity, with more field style shooting competitions also popping up around the country.

Here, we start with tradition. A 308. After many, many years, still a strong contender when it comes to no-fuss shooting.

Then, the new 'poster child' of precision rifles - the 6.5 Creedmoor. This is a small calibre, but fast and accurate. As you will see - it has, rightly so, pushed the 308 aside as the calibre of choice for a first precision rifle.

Unique Experiences

Want something a little more personalised?

Feel free to get in touch and let us know what you are after. We specialise on creating personal experiences for clients. So don't hesitate to ask for something special.

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