Ah, old faithful, the Harris Bipod.

I have been shooting a Harris on my primary target rifle since I started with it. However, I quickly learnt a couple of additions/modification are pretty much critical to getting the most out of it. Read my suggestions and pick one up below!

The price you see is for the swivelling bipod, with the podloc and spikes attached.

Please allow a couple of extra days deliver for me to put one together.

$350.00 $340.00

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The Venerable Harris Bipod

The Harris Bipod has been around for a long time, they are dependable, solid, cheaper than the newer ‘premium’ options like the Atlas or Spartan options, but still a very, very good choice.

Leg Length

I originally picked up the longer S-LMT 9-13″ model – and, would now personally suggest that you get the shorter S-BRT 6-9″ version. Especially with the spikes on it, I often find myself wishing the whole system was a little shorter, not longer. If I need height, it’s time to break out the tripod and sit instead.

However, there are a couple of things, that regardless of length, you should consider critical.

Swivel – get your canton

The ‘S’ in the model number represents swivel – the ability for the bipod to be tilted left or right in order to ensure that the scope and rifle are straight up and down.

You can read more over here about the effects of canting on your rifle –

The swivel tension can be adjusted – and I highly suggest you set it so that you can manually tile the rifle over, but it will hold the tile when you let it go – I have seen many set up too light, and watched the rifle tip, right off the side and crash down onto the ground. Normally scope first.

Adjustment brings us to another essential add-on.

The Pod Loc

Harris Bipod PodlockThe Pod Loc is a simple but essential item that allows you to adjust the amount of tension in the swivel without breaking out tools.

It means that you can loosen it, get the rifle in position, then sinch it back up tight.

Pretty much essential IMHO. I just attach them as a matter of course now.

Notched or Smooth Legs?

Without going into a long discussion about why guys shouldn’t have smooth legs most of the time, let us just say that notched legs are easier to setup and are less prone to slippage – as it’s a notch holding it out, not friction.

I don’t sell the smooth legged version. You shouldn’t consider them.


I load a bipod. I teach that others should too.

When you try to load a bipod, on some ground, the rubber feet want to hop and slide.

Two sharp spikes that dig into things stops that. Get it right, the bipod won’t move.

Also works as a bayonet if you run out of ammo.

Again, put them on. Once you shoot with them, you won’t want it any other way.

Putting it all together

Now, I am aware that the ‘special price’ doesn’t seem all that different – however, bear in mind that I will assemble this for you. The spikes can be a bit of a prick – so let me do it for you. You just need to attach and shoot.

So – the price you see is for the swivelling bipod, with the podloc and spikes attached.

Attachment Methods

Sling Swivel Stud – I am working on getting some Picatinny Rail adaptors sorted.


Here is a great video from 8541 Tactical about bipod usage.


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Harris Bipod – Precision Shooter Edition

$350.00 $340.00

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