I harp on a lot about having the correct check weld when shooting a precision rifle. Precision is about repeatability, and if your cheek weld isn’t consistent, you are presenting behind the rifle different each time, and you won’t have the repeatability.

We have the THLR Cheekrest – a very elegant solution. But we also now have the Kalix Teknik – a more robust solution.

Composite stocks are generally hollow. These units are designed to easily slot into the rear of the existing stock. Three holes drilled and you are done. It’s something you can do at home, or, we can fit them for you.

If you want us to fit them, you will need to send us your stock. Just your stock, don’t send the whole gun.





  • Lightweight—100 grams
  • Retrofit for over 90 models
  • Easy to mount
  • Soft-touch coated cheek rest of durable composite plastics
  • Black anodized aluminium pins
  • Stainless steel screw and e-clip
  • Locking knob of black anodized billet aluminium

Kalix Teknik CR1 Adjustable Comb For Composite Stocks


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It just starts with the gear!

We also have a range of training courses available. Learn how to set up that new rifle, use a rear bag properly, calculate a ballistic solution and wrap it all around proper fundamentals. 

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