Want to achieve first round hits in the quickest, simplest way possible?

The Kestrel 5700 Elite combines a portable weather station and a ballistic calculator into a small, powerful package.

Now, with LiNK Bluetooth connectivity, Kestrel has started a new wave of interconnected systems. Pair up with a rangefinder to get distance and angle of fire info, then put the unit on the optional weather vane and feed all the information to your phone. Getting accurate updated ballistic data just got a whole lot easier!

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What does the Kestrel 5700 Elite do?

The Kestrel 5700 Elite is Kestrels top of the line Weather Station and Ballistic Calculator. It takes data from your surrounding environment, combines it with information about your firearm and the projectile it is shooting and outputs a ballistic solution. The information you need to transfer to the turrets on your scope to correct for elevation and windage.

Should I get the LiNK version?

Personally, I would suggest yes. It makes updates and management insanely easy – just turn the unit on, connect to the app (free to download) and any updates automatically get pushed to the unit. If you have ever tried to update an older unit with a serial cable, you will really, really appreciate the upgrade. The app lets you manage and backup your gun setups as well as lets you run an advanced setup like having the Kestrel unit on a weather vane feeding live wind data to your device at your shooting position.

More on the app.

Live Wind Capture with the Vane Mount

Get to your shooting position, set up the vane and Kestrel 5700 Elite, get behind the rifle, connect to it via the app on your iPhone or Android Phone and get live readings without having to move from behind the gun.

Maybe your shooting position is in a sheltered spot when you can’t feel the wind shifting on you, maybe you want to set it and forget it, the Kestrel 5700 with the LiNK lets you set up a very powerful live weather station.

Connection to other LiNK Compatible products

The Bushnell Rangefinder was the first to talk with the unit, providing the Kestrel range and angle of fire data, and receiving the solution in the rangefinder reticle. Seamless, quick, precise. However, new units are about to hit the unit, all LiNK enabled.

The future of shooting electronics is going to feature the LiNK system heavily. Get on board early.

Bushnell Conx

How easy is the unit to set up and operate?

Very. If you want, I am happy to do the initial setup for you, and you will find plenty of videos throughout this site showing the various stages of setup. Get stuck? Get in touch. If you are out at the range when I am, we can go through the unit usage and make sure you are comfortable with it. Sure, we will be the dicks with a Kestrel 5700 Elite out at a 100m range shoot – but that is the idea of going to the range. Trying out new gear and making sure it all works!

If you are not local to me, then let me know your main gun setup and I can add in the first firearm. I can’t do everything for you, but will make sure you get to set out on the right track.

Quick Start Guide – pdf

Do I still need to learn to call the wind?

Yes. This unit won’t replace the necessity to be able to understand and read the wind. What it will do, is add to the information you have available to you to make those calls. Though opinions differ, it is accepted that the wind at the shooter’s location is the most critical to account for – so getting a good reading is the first step in accounting for the overall effect on the projectile.

Good practice is just sitting on a hillside with the Kestrel 5700 Elite and trying to call the wind. Confirm it with the unit. Move, try again, call it, confirm it.

Why not just use my phone and one of the lesser Kestrel models?

Having the battery on my phone run out on me mid shoot was one of the major factors in me switching over to a Kestrel 5700 Elite in the first place. Sure, I should have remembered to put it on aeroplane mode, but I didn’t. Luckily, I had backup in the form of a range card, but having a dedicated unit sure made things easier. Everything you need and nothing else – quicker usage, less distractions. It means I can keep the phone ready for Instagram and Snapchat updates instead!

Kestrel 5700 Elite

Additionally, depending on what app you are using, you may or may not have access to the Applied Ballistics Solution – in particular, for those looking to shoot long range (which is probably why you are looking at this unit in the first place) the custom drag models from Brian Litz.

These custom curves really come into play the further out you get. Instead of it being a ‘model’ based on a theoretical bullet shape (G1, G7) the custom curves are based on actual, measured doppler data on the projectile being shot.

However, on saying that, you might already have an app that you are comfortable using and just want some live environmental updates. You won’t get wind readings, now the advanced ballistics features – but the DROP D3 might be another option worth considering.

What else do I need?

I would strongly consider the vane unit as well. Setting up the Kestrel 5700 Elite and running the app at the shooting position gives you a very powerful setup.

How about the Sporter Version?

You are shooting long range. That is why you are looking at a Kestrel in the first place isn’t it? So, it makes sense that you also want the unit that has the features specific to long range shooting. Custom Curve models, the ability to true the Calculator, Multiple Targets – all features only available in the Elite version. The Sporter is cheaper, and is intended as an ‘entry’ into the Kestrels, but considering the amount of money you will have already sunk into the firearm and ammo, just get the one intended for the use you are planning.

Why should I buy it locally? I can get it cheaper overseas!

Maybe. But make sure you also account for freight, GST and custom costs. Also, if the unit you have doesn’t have the RCM Mark on it, then you actually shouldn’t be using it in NZ, and the warranty won’t be valid through us, the authorised local distributor. Through us you will receive the full 5 year warranty.

If you are buying from overseas, you may have to pay duty and GST on your goods when they arrive New Zealand.
There is a common misconception that goods purchased online from overseas websites for less than NZ$400 can come into the country (be imported) without incurring any duty, GST, or charges. This ‘rule of thumb’ does not apply to goods that attract both duty and GST. Customs charges may be payable when the value of these goods exceeds approximately NZ$225.
If the amount to be paid to Customs is under $60, this will be waived, but if it’s $60 or more, you’ll have to pay any duty and GST plus an Import Entry Transaction Fee and MPI levy.

But, mainly, buying through us supports the website and the articles and work we do locally. While I appreciate your comments and likes on Facebook, they don’t pay the power bill and the more income I can derive through work in the shooting community, the more I can give back to it.

In our analysis of pricing, taking into account shipping, exchange rate, local US taxes not shown (average 5%), GST included (15%), the difference is about 15%. While this is typical or even low for about everything we buy down here, we are striving to reduce that gap.

All the features

  • Employs the Applied Ballistics bullet library of custom drag models, an exact measurement of your bullet’s drag profile plus corrections for Aerodynamic Jump, Spin Drift, Coriolis, and Drop Scale Factoring to achieve accurate extended long-range shots.
  • Expanded features include a customizable Range Card, and an expanded Ballistics Data Table as well as storage for up to 16 gun and bullet profiles and 5 saved targets.
  • Calculate accurate fire control solutions for long range rifle shooting.
  • Select either G1 or G7 ballistic coefficient when calculating a trajectory.
  • Get ballistic coefficient data for more than 225 long range bullets.
  • The Kestrel 5700 Elite comes with numerous pre-loaded drag models, but not entire gun/ammo profiles.  In other words, you have to build your gun profile, but you can choose from the list of bullets when modelling your ammo.
  • Measure up to 15 environmental parameters at your fingertips.
  • “Train” the software to match your specific rifle based on observed impacts at long range
  • Calculates and adjusts for gyroscopic spin drift and Coriolis effect
  • Adjust for angle
  • Wind speed/air velocity
  • Temperature
  • Wind chill
  • Relative humidity
  • Heat stress index
  • Dewpoint temp
  • Wet bulb temp
  • Barometric pressure
  • Altitude
  • Density altitude
  • Wind direction
  • Crosswind
  • Headwind/Tailwind
  • Pressure trend



Kestrel 5700 Elite Meter with Applied Ballistics

$1,575.00 $1,499.00

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