A quick, lightweight target system for hanging steel gongs, paper targets, anything!

Mini Kit comes with two end brackets and two hanger strips.


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The Last Stand Mini Kit


We were looking for a lightweight, ‘unbreakable’ target handing system for our field shoots and client work.

Something we could carry in the back of the truck, set up quickly and pull back down at the end of the day.

Something that we couldn’t shoot and break in the middle of a competition or class, and then have to stop everything and head back down to fix.

And then we found them!

These target stands are a simple, but very effective solution to our problem.

Each kit comes with the two end sections and two hangers. You add in some standard rebar and gongs, and you are good to go.

If you want – we can even supply the rebar, already but up and ready to go.

Putting them together is simple – just watch the video below.

You can also read our previous review here – https://precisionshooter.info/target-stands-last-stand/




In Use

One concern we had initially was that the system would be too light.

Certainly, when you first set up the rebar and brackets – the whole system does move around a bit. However, placing a couple of plates on the rack pins the whole thing down. The system does still move – and that helps in regards to seeing hits and also, saving the steel from taking too much of a beating.

If you are using paper – then you can always dig the feet of the rebar into the ground a little. But, regardless, despite shooting them up close, with a magnum, we are yet to actually come even close to knocking one over.

Why not chain?

The hangers are made out of the self-healing rubber, much like the reactive targets. Basically – a bullet passes straight through them with minimal damage. Unlike a chain, which brakes – these hangers just keep on going. You don’t need to stop and fix things.

Why not use Waratahs?

We wanted a system that was quick to deploy – with the rebar – you don’t have to drive anything into the ground – it can sit on top – this means quick to setup and quick to remove.

On saying that – there are plenty of people using them as permanent stands as well – we just like the fact we don’t have to leave stuff out in the field – it means stock can’t disturb them, and we tend to move the targets around a lot anyhow.

Couldn’t I just make something myself?

Sure. If you have the means and time to do so – but we prefer to be shooting – and – considering that these will provide many, many years of service, in a lightweight package – we think the investment is worth it.


Last Stand Mini Kit

A quick, lightweight target system for hanging steel gongs, paper targets, anything!

Mini Kit comes with two end brackets and two hanger strips.

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Last Stand Mini Kit


Out of stock

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