Loaded Round Counter

The Loaded Round Counter does just what its name suggests. It counts the number of cartridges that have been loaded on your press.

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The Loaded Round Counter senses cartridges at the crimp die. Only completed cartridges are counted … not just press cycles. Therefore, culling out defective cartridges part way through the reloading cycle will not affect the count.


• Counts Only Successfully Completed Rounds
• Sensor is Easily Moved from Toolhead to Toolhead
• No Cartridge Specific Adjustments Needed
• Easy To Read LCD Display
• Battery Operated – NO AC Near Gun Powder!

Fits On The Following Presses:

• Dillon RL 550B, XL 650, RL 1050 and Super 1050 presses.
• Certain other Progressive Presses including RCBS Pro Chucker 5, Pro Chucker 7 and Hornady Lock-N-Load AP … that have a primer feed system on which to mount the LCD Display Module.
• The Loaded Round Counter will also fit on Turret and Single Stage presses that have a Tubular Primer Feed System on which to mount the Counter Module… including the Redding Big Boss II and T-7 Turret Presses when equipped with the Auto Primer Feeding System.
• On other presses, you will need to figure out a place to mount the LCD Display Module.

Feedback From Beta Testers

“As silly as it sounds, the bullet counter has become a must have. I use it to count match rounds. I weigh every 10th round. It makes it easy. I am also keeping a running total to see if I really load 30, 000 + rounds a year. I really like this gizmo!!!”

“I was part of the testing of the new Loaded Round Counter from UniqueTek. This is a very versatile device that is very easy to install and operate. It does not require any screws or modifications to the press and takes seconds to install. You have a choice of pistol or rifle sensor pins which go in the crimping die. Connect the wires between the sensor and the counter, mount the counter on the primer tube and you are ready to go. There is sufficient wire to offer plenty of flexibility in locations too. There is no AC adapter or batteries to install so all that is needed is to push the reset button to begin the count. During my testing, the count was very accurate so I quickly was able to determine how large of a reloading batch I wanted to do. A definite win for the reloader!”


* The LRC Sensor Module mounts on top of most 7/8″-14 Crimp Dies that are open on top; including crimp dies from Dillon Precision and Redding Reloading.

* Will not work on Dillon SDB because the position of the powder measure interferes with the LRC Sensor Module.
Will not work with any combination Seat/Crimp Die because the seat stem is in the way. However, a combination Seat/Crimp Die can be used if the Seat Stem is removed and the die used only for crimping.
Will not work with LEE Carbide Factory Crimp Die because the crimp adjustment stem is in the way. (Instructions for a modification to make it work are coming soon.)

Will not work on Redding Reloading Micro-Adjustable Taper Crimp Dies because this die is much longer than a standard Crimp Die. Parts to upgrade the LRC to work with this die will be available in the future.


Loaded Round Counter

The Loaded Round Counter does just what its name suggests. It counts the number of cartridges that have been loaded on your press.

$164.00 $75.00

Only 2 left in stock

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