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Firstly, thank-you. If it wasn't for companies and individuals like yourself, willing to support community sites like this, they would (and do) struggle to exist. The landscape is quickly changing for both consumers, distributors and manufacturers, but it's also a time of massive opportunity for those willing to adapt and look to the future.


About Precision Shooter

Community, education, fun.

Precision Shooter was formed to provide a central focal point for the quickly growing practical shooting sports in New Zealand.

Practical Shooting, on the whole, is a dynamic, engaging and challenging group of shooting sports - be it Long Range 'PRS' style shooting or the quick and close sport of Multigun, the practical shoots are quickly growing in popularity for both seasoned shooters wanting a new challenge and new shooters attracted to the more active styles.

Precision Shooter is about providing people somewhere safe, organised and fun to shoot, providing them with the knowledge to increase their skills and ability and creating positive stories about shooting sports for the public. It's not just about us, the shooters, it's also about the wider New Zealand public's perception of guns and shooting.

By getting involved and supporting Precision Shooter you are supporting the growth of Shooting Sports in New Zealand. This means a bigger 'pie' for all, rather than fighting over slices of a limited, fragmented community.



Social Media Reach - August 2017

How can I get involved if I am a...

Shooting Businesses

The best way to promote your produces is getting them in front of the people using them. Social media and content marketing have become the strongest drivers of sales in recent times. Consumers refer to online reviews, discussions and interactions as their source of information, instead of the traditional advertising through print.

What better way to expose your potential customer to your product, your brand, than through a community of people already qualified as having the interest, and the means to purchase?

Precision Shooter is a trusted source of information. Through steadfastly maintaining high standards in content and production, both of online articles, events and training, Precision Shooter has become NZ's reference point for shooting and reloading.

Get direct, grassroots access to your end customer.


Non-Shooting Businesses

Just because you don't sell shooting equipment, doesn't mean we can be of use to each other. In fact - it's in the non-shooting realm that some of the strongest community bonds have the potential to be forged.

I sometimes think the shooting community is a little like a little secret society - with its own handshakes and handouts. Whenever you meet a fellow shooter - be it through a shooting related event or not, there is instantly a certain level of respect and common language shared.

Shooters appreciate those who support their community. So, if you have a product that human beings use, even when they are not shooting, there is a real good chance, if a firearms owner sees you supporting the firearms community, you are going to get that support back in turn.


Lets work together.

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But, the fact remains that eMails are the best way for us to keep you up to date with what is going on at Precision Shooter. Facebook and Google are not as a reliable method of search as they once were when it comes to firearm related websites.

Join over 10,000 shooters who are part of the Precision Shooter Community - every week you will get a short update from me. Be the first to know about new resources, upcoming events, courses and more.

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