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Tikka TAC A1

While some guys are happy getting a custom build made, for many of us, time and or budgetary limitations a factory rifle can be quite appealing. I was keen to try out an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution. The Tikka TAC A1 seemed a really good starting point.

Tikka TAC A1

Replacing the Tikka Bolt Handle

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Changing a Tikka Bolt handle is really for aesthetics. Especially on something like the Tikka TAC A1 – which already has an ‘oversized’ tactical style bolt knob on it – it’s certainly not something that is going to improve your grouping. However, we like to tinker, and, it’s a great excuse to pull the bolt apart and clean it.

TAC A1 – ammo thoughts

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A firearm and optics are only part of a system – you also need something to shoot through it! So, after a couple of days getting familiar with the lighter trigger through dryfire, it was time to make some noise.

The Tikka TAC A1 – first impressions

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The Ruger Precision Rifle’s Sexy European Cousin.

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