We are a specialist long-range firearms and shooting supplier. Scouring the world for the best in firearms systems, and accessories. With our own twist.

Family owned, shooter operated. Here to serve.

For many years now, I have been seeking out, using, evaluating and then selling all manner of gear. Basically, I get to make the expensive mistakes of having to try everything out, then just bring the best of my finds to you.

Any questions, please just ask - I am more about finding solutions than just selling products. Long-term customers and friends, not just sales.

- Kerry

"Great, great, great - great service and website."

"Hi there the gear I purchased is going great."

"Great advice and service. Will be back for more!"

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We supply Shooting Systems.

Instead of just selling boxes, we sell Shooting Systems. Each system is carefully assembled from carefully chosen premium components, our pick from the top brands, to create a system specific to your needs.


Working backwards, we start with the intended use, this leads us to a projectile choice, which in turn defines the barrel and action, then select an appropriate stock an optics system, and wrap it with accessories to get the most out of the rig.

Testing & Refinement

One we know build parameters, we start putting it together. Assembled, the system is tested - and changes that need to be made are discussed and approved by the customer. Once we are getting the most out of the system, it's time for handover.

Trueing and Reporting

Handover includes a suite of reports and information to help get the client get the most out of their investment - this often will include hands-on range time - to both customise the setup to the individual and ensure everything is working as they expect and want.


Although 'ready to go' out of the box, the system then needs to be tweaked and adjusted to suit the client, not us. In addition, we include training to help the new owner get the best out of the purchase.


Afterwards, you become part of the Precision Shooter community - and will get priority access to support, further training and courses and competitions. We don't want to just sell guns. We want to create shooters.

Firearms Systems

Tikka TAC A1

The Precision Rifle.

Tikka CTR

The crossover rifle.

Bergara B14 HMR

The value rifle.

Let us take the hassle out of your next firearms purchase. Systems that we personally shoot and know, tested, ready to go. Less stress, more shooting.


It just starts with the gear!

We also have a range of training courses available. Learn how to set up that new rifle, use a rear bag properly, calculate a ballistic solution and wrap it all around proper fundamentals. 

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