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Our Sport

Shootings Sports in New Zealand are a very popular pastime for many members of society. The term 'shooting sports' actually covers a lot of individual an unique disciplines - all requiring slightly different skill sets.

While we enjoy and participate in multiple disciplines, our primary area of interest focuses on the 'practical' or field style shooting - that is, generally with long rifles, shooting in natural terrain and steel targets at varying distances in varied and often slightly uncomfortable positions.

The intention of the sport is to test the participant's ability to think on their feet, solve problems and to be able to perform what amounts to a fairly technical process until time and physical duress.

For new shooters, this style of shooting is often appealing as it is physical, dynamic and exciting. For hunters, it's a chance to develop skills that often directly translate to hunting shots.

Long Range Shooting

Many would also call what we do 'long-range shooting' - which is true. Much of the focus is on the 300 to 700-meter range - with shoots going out to 1km, and even more for the ELR (extended long range shoots). However, we would differentiate what we do to the F-Class shooters - in that, we often won't be prone on a flat range shooting at the same, known distances.

Precision Shooter was set up with the primary intent to educate. To increase firearms awareness and safety through education and familiarisation. There are four primary avenues for delivering this education.

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