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THLR Proficiency Test

Thomas Haugland, also known as Norway on some forums, or THLR on youtube is, unsurprisingly, the man behind THLR (Thomas Haugland Long Range) and, also unsurprisingly, from Norway.

For years now, he has been producing exceptionally informational videos and putting them up on his youtube channel.

In addition, he created a Longrange Proficiency Test as a means of challenging and testing shooters ability to shoot under time pressure, in the practical field shooting setting.


The rules are simple:

  • The target, of approved dimensions, must be setup beyond 500m
  • The shooter starts with firearm on the ground, scope turrets set to zero (i.e. no pre-dialling)
  • On start signal, shooter has one minute to engage target with a single shot.

In other words, on go, you have one minute to get everything sorted and shoot a plate at 500m.

The target is censored via electronic feedback, optics or inspection. The bullet needs to strike inside the ring to score the higher value. The normal target practice of breaking the ring is not good enough. If the bullet nicks the ring in towards a higher score, it shall be censored the lower score. If the bullet nicks the ring out towards the lower score it shall be censored the higher score.

Time limit is 1 minute or 60 seconds. This rule is absolute. From ”start!” you have 60 seconds to get your shot off. Before ”start!” your gear should be in the following state:

The rifle scope/ sights are set to your default zero. This normally means 100 or 200 with 0 windage.

The rifle buttstock rests on the ground at ”Start!”. You can start with your bipod open in your default position, you cannot have the bipod especially adjusted for the test target. You can use a rear rest during the test, you cannot have the rear rest under the rifle at ”start!”.


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Want to try it out yourself?

You are more than welcome to set up and shoot the competition wherever and however you want. It's meant to be a test of your own development and skills - there is no real prize, apart from self-satisfaction at the end of it.

Get the badges!

Thomas has sent us down a pile of the velcro badges - which will be issued out to anyhow who completes the challenge.

There are two ways to claim your badge -

Attend an event

We are working with clubs around the country to make the appropriate targets and badges available as a side-stage for competitions. If you see it as an option - save a round to challenge yourself, and claim your badge.

If you are holding suitable events - competitions, gong shoots and the like, then just get in touch and we can organise a set of targets and frames to be sent down for the day.

Film Yourself

If you cant make it to a shoot (and I really encourage you to so) - then you can film yourself shooting the test, send it to us, and get included.

The correct sizing for the target is...

  • Small circle shall be ø 7.5 cm (2.9 inches)
  • Medium circle shall be ø 15 cm (5.9 inches)
  • Large circle shall be ø 30 cm (11.8 inches)
  • Outer circle or target size shall be ø 35 cm (13.8 inches)
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Second chances?

You can shoot the test several times same day if:

The new test is shot against a new LR Proficiency target placed minimum  25 meters farther out than any target you have shot that day. (Example: The LR Proficiency target was at 500m, you can shoot a new test at 525 meters. You shot a test target at 550 meters before shooting the LR Proficiency test, your next LR proficiency test must then be at least 575 meters).


Wait 3 hrs/ 180 minutes and shoot the test at the same LR Proficiency target


Shoot the same LR proficiency target with a different rifle

The rules allow it, but we really encourage no more than 2-3 tries the same day. It kills the learning

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The Gearlocker

Thanks to the Gearlocker for Sponsoring the Target Stands and Targets for the competition.

The Last Stand Target Frames are a lightweight, quick to setup solution for field shooting gongs. We love them!

If you want to pick up your own set of Last Stand Target Stands - then head over here to grab them -

Thanks to The Gearlocker for the support!

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