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The long weekend seemed to be an ideal opportunity to head out with the little girl for another day walk.

The long weekend seemed to be an ideal opportunity to head out with the little girl for another day walk.

Our second trip out would take us to Kitekite Falls – a relatively short, but fun walk to see another waterfall (I know the little girl loves waterfalls.

Getting There

It’s about a 45 minute drive out to the carpark taking you right into Piha before heading off right at the last moment. When we got there, the carpark was full. A combination of day walkers and campervans. However, while I would call the track ‘busy’ by my standards, it wasn’t distractingly so.


Heading up to the falls

The walk is child-friendly. Starting off with a flat section that follows the true left of the stream up to the waterfalls, the track splits before starting the consistent climb to the base of the waterfall. The track splits but forms a loop takes you back out. We headed up the right-hand side track. While you could probably get away with pushing a pram up this side, there are a couple of steps at one point right near the waterfalls. I would be tempted just to pull the child out and carry them down for the last segment (you can’t really push the pram around the base of the waterfall area anyhow).


The falls themselves, like many in the Waitakere Ranges, are stunning. However, I was a little disappointed by the amount of rubbish that strewn about the place.

These are decent sized falls that drop down over several sections into a pool below. While it was looking a little cold for me, you could probably have a dip in here during the summer months.

Please, do me a favor – if you ever go on these sorts of walks – 1. Leave no trace and 2. If you do spot anything, pick it up and take it out with you. I ended up with a little collection in the back of the pack that I dumped when I got home.

We had several other groups come and go while we were here, I guess for some, they just want to come down, take some photos, tick it off their list and be off again.

That is one of the great things about having a little child with you – they want to explore everything and it, therefore, slows you down and makes you appreciate the environment a little bit more as well.


The way out

untitled-(4-of-5)We headed back out down the other path – this time following the true right of the stream. This way is a lot shorter, however, more rocks, more ‘tricky’ bits to navigate. As I had Claudia in the backpack, this wasn’t too much of an issue – but you would want to be keeping a decent eye on younger walkers.

Just before you meet the main track again – there is a stream crossing. Personally, I would suggest you just get your feet wet – the big rocks that you could use to rock hop are very, very slippery – I watched a guy in front of me try and slip – luckily not trapping and twisting his ankle in the process. Just wet pants. Jeans, actually.

To the beach!

Though not originally planned, we did pop down to the beach afterwards for a quick wander around. Claudia hasn’t seen a lot of the sea, so is a little apprehensive of the waves coming in. We didn’t manage to both get our feet wet, though. And managed to traipse and back throughout the truck!



Gear Thoughts

I need to get Claudia some tramping clothes. While my risk evaluation kinda lets me deal with the fact she has cotton on (remember kids – Cotton Kills!), I would be keen to put her into some decent gear just for walks. Might have to take a trip to Macpac and fit her out!

Also – I wore my Salamon Speedcross 3’s out – normally just used for the pistol shooting – they are fundamentally a trail running shoe. However – I immediately noticed how much it felt like they were compressing when I had Claudia on the back – in short – not ideal for any kind of load bearing duties!

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