Rifle Setup

The first step. Get the rifle assembled, zeroed and ready to go.

Perfect for new firearms. Hunter and Precision Shooting Orientated.

This is primarily focused on setup of a new system.

Precision Rifle Basics

Time to stretch the legs a little.

At this point, you are already on paper, likely already shooting a bit, and want to progress beyond 100.

Hunter Skills

Ideal for new hunters - learn skills that will help you be successful in the field, and, learn how to process an animal when you are.

Rifle setup and shooting basics, fieldcraft and animal butchery.

Information for Precision

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Team Optimistic Shooters AAR and Beers.

The lads catch up for a few brews and a chat.
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The Crossover Rifles – a Tikka CTR and Bergara HMR

Both the rifles we are looking at today could be called 'crossover' rifles - but really, it turns out live at opposite ends of the spectrum.
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A chat with Travis Ishida from ConX, NRL, NRL22 and more!

A great chat with Travis - founding member of the National Rifle League, and so much more!
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AAR – Tarata Medium Range and Hunter’s Match

Another great event put on by the crew from Gillice Practical Shooting Events.
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Catching up with Robin from Redding Reloading

It was well over time for another catch with Robin, VP of Redding Reloading. We talk brass prep, expander balls vs. nothing vs. mandrels, primer pocket uniforming, measuring neck wall thickness, neck turning and more...
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Upcoming Events

Fri 14

The Monthly Meetup – December – Cleaning

December 14 @ 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm

The Triggernometry Show

Interviews and chats with industry figureheads, gurus and nice chaps.


Take the LRProficiency Challenge!

60 seconds. No setup.

Test your shooting.

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It just starts with the gear!

We also have a range of training courses available. Learn how to set up that new rifle, use a rear bag properly, calculate a ballistic solution and wrap it all around proper fundamentals. 

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